Leadership Team

Naazim Abdulla - Chief Executive Officer


Naazim Abdulla is an IT leader with about eighteen years of corporate experience in the software engineering and technology management industry. He has a Bachelor's degree in Physics from Mahatma Gandhi University (India).
Naazim started his career as a software developer and moved up the corporate ladder to the role of a solutions architect. Before founding Naico, Naazim was working in the US for Capital One, a Fortune 200 company, with the responsibility of architecting solutions for multimillion dollar software projects.
After returning to India in mid 2005, Naazim started up Naico with the vision of building a world class IT Company. Naazim's leadership qualities, technical background and extensive experience in handling both sides of the outsourcing relationships uniquely positioned him to be able to transform Naico into a well-respected and leading player in the IT outsourcing industry.